Our Community

There is no truer testament to the success of a business program than the community of talented people it brings together and the impact they create.

Over the past century, thousands of individuals from diverse backgrounds have lent their unique lived experiences to shape Rotman Commerce into what it is today. To honour the depth and breadth of wisdom to be found within our community, we will be sharing a collection of reflections from our students, staff, faculty, and alumni each month over the next year – speaking to the ways in which Rotman Commerce has impacted their journey and how they are working towards transforming tomorrow through their personal and professional lives today.

These individuals represent just a snapshot of a wide and varied community of our program’s leaders, thinkers, and change-makers of all ages, living and working in all corners of the world.

Anthony Adair, BCom ‘20
Manager, Commercial Banking, CIBC

“I feel like Rotman Commerce gave me the opportunity to really hone in on what I love – business, finance and economics. It was the launching ground for the career in commercial banking that I have today. Rotman gave me the chance to make amazing, high-quality, connections and friendships that impact me every day.

This past year I had the opportunity to give back by joining the alumni mentorship program. I had two mentees that I loved meeting with and (hopefully) providing some good guidance and advice to. It was rewarding to get feedback from them on how I was able to help them. In my professional life, I’ve hosted networking and information events for Rotman students to come and explore commercial banking. Connecting with students one on one afterwards, hearing about their interest in the field, or having them seek general advice, makes me feel like I’m having an impact.”

Anthony graduated in June 2020 from Rotman Commerce with a specialist in Finance & Economics. He started his career in commercial banking as an Associate at CIBC in March 2021 and was promoted to Relationship Manager in November 2021. At CIBC, he partners with entrepreneurs across Toronto and the GTA to help their businesses grow by providing cash management and lending solutions. Anthony also enjoys maintaining a regular fitness and nutrition plan, trying new recipes, exploring new restaurants with friends, and playing the drums. 

Angelina An, BCom ‘25
President, Rotman Commerce Human Resources Association

“As a dedicated member of the Rotman Commerce community, I am actively contributing to transforming tomorrow by taking on leadership roles and giving back to the community. As the President of the Rotman Commerce Human Resources Association, I work to create opportunities for personal and professional growth for my peers. Additionally, I serve as a Peer Tutor within the Rotman Commerce Peer Tutor Network, providing support to fellow students on their academic journeys. These roles allow me to play a part in shaping the future of our community and fostering an environment of learning, growth, and collaboration.”

Hailing from China, Angelina, a current Rotman Commerce student specializing in Management, has embarked on a journey of academic and personal growth at the vibrant Rotman Commerce campus. Beyond her commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving business world, Angelina actively engages in extracurricular activities and leadership roles. Notably, she serves as the President of the Rotman Commerce Human Resources Association and offers her support as a Peer Tutor within the Rotman Commerce Peer Tutor Network, exemplifying her dedication to personal growth and her fellow students.

Alavy A. Anam, BCom ‘16
Associate Director, Financial Control, RBC 

“Rotman Commerce played an instrumental role in my development both professionally and personally. From learning how to write a resume from scratch, scrambling to find an internship, joining the amazing summer abroad program and making life-long friends, my time there was as eventful as it was memorable. Wishing the best for the next 100 Years of Rotman Commerce! “

Alavy has held a variety of roles in the financial services industry since graduation, thereby developing an exceptional array of financial expertise. Additionally, he was recognized for his contributions to Rotman Commerce as one of the recipients of the 2022 Arbor Awards. In his spare time, he enjoys reading fantasy genre novels, watching soccer matches and hiking (and volunteering at Rotman Commerce whenever possible!)

Ibraheem Aziz, BCom ‘19
Product Manager, BMO

“Rotman Commerce provided me with formative exposure to leadership opportunities as an undergraduate student. I learned the value of meaningful networking with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals, and had the opportunity to participate in student groups such as the case competition team. Throughout it all, I met lifelong friends and honed valuable skills which I continue to draw upon today.”

Ibraheem is a firm believer in the innate ability of people to drive change by pursuing diversity, versatility, and service to others. A staunch advocate for personal and professional development, Ibraheem credits his student leadership at Rotman Commerce for inspiring him to get involved in opportunities beyond the classroom and give back to his community.

Catherine Barrette
Director, Rotman Commerce

“Rotman Commerce keeps me inspired each day as I see our students transform into the next generation of business leaders as they grow and challenge themselves through our four-year program. I continue to be amazed by their immense potential and their never-ending optimism.

By emphasizing authentic leadership, our students stand to make lasting and significant contributions in the business world. While developing strong technical skills give our students the solid foundation that they need to enter the workforce, the professional skills and ability to see the big picture impact of their decisions on the community is what will give them an edge.”

Catherine is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, and she teaches courses on various topics in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Governance. Catherine was recently appointed Director of the Rotman Commerce Program in July 2022 for a five-year term.

Enzo Bascon, BCom ‘21
Enterprise Sales, Shopify

“During my time at Rotman Commerce, I didn’t anticipate that I’d be working in tech or a sales role. However, the skills that I learned in school allowed me to quickly adapt to the fast-paced environment at my job. I think the biggest skill that I honed at Rotman Commerce was the ability to thrive on change and be able to take on any challenge thrown my way.

Throughout my short career, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some exceptional people. I owe so much of my success to others and my goal now and in the future is to continue paying it forward. As someone who understands the struggles of navigating one’s career, I’m always willing to help others whether it is through mentorship, a simple chat or other programs within the community.”

Enzo graduated from Rotman in 2021 with a focus in Marketing and minor in Economics. His passions lie in the arts (music, photography, fashion, books, movies, dance), and he served as the Vice President and Marketing Director of the Rotman Commerce Arts Group during undergrad. Post-grad, Enzo moved to the Philippines to reconnect with his culture and heritage and learn the local languages. Currently, he lives in New York City and works in Enterprise Sales at Shopify.

Laurence Booth
Professor of Finance, CIT Chair in Structured Finance

“Immanuel Kant famously said, “Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.” Rotman Commerce has been true to Kant’s thinking from the day that the Commerce program was established 100 years ago based on a strong academic background and an objective of producing graduates that can operate in a variety of industries and environments. With AI rapidly changing the workplace, the skills developed in the Commerce program, as distinct from those in a business program, are more important than ever.”

At the University of Toronto, since 1978, Professor Booth is currently the longest serving faculty member at Rotman and was the finance area coordinator for almost 21 years. He has initiated and taught a large number of courses and published over 100 articles in academic and professional journals. His advice is frequently sought by the media and he has appeared as an expert witness before the Ontario Securities Commission, the National Energy Board, the CRTC and most of the major regulatory tribunals in Canada.  In 2003 he was awarded the Financial Post’s Leader in Management Education Award.  

Petros Bleyan, BCom ’18
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, RBC

“Today, I give back to the community as a mentor at TRIEC, a non-for-profit organization that helps newcomers to Canada adjust to their new lives and expand their professional networks. Additionally, I teach those interested in growing their skills in digital marketing – web fundamentals, online accessibility, and analytics.”

Petros is a digital marketer with eight years of experience growing websites, building online solutions and search engine optimization. Exploring the digital marketing space, he has previously worked at Property.ca, Dicom, Maple and most recently joined RBC. Petros is a former president of the Rotman Commerce Students’ Association.

Jim Brown, MBA ‘84 
Mentor, Rotman Commerce Alumni Mentorship Program 

“The Rotman Commerce Alumni Mentorship Program has given me opportunities to come full circle with today’s intelligent, curious and enthusiastic student body to help shape their career and business aspirations in so many ways. Practical, hands-on advice, industry insights and career influencing decision-making are all ways to guarantee a future bright for the students involved in these programs. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to contribute to the future of Canadian business success.”  

Jim recently retired from a successful career of over 40 years in information technology, working in the global financial services industry for a number of Canadian banks, insurance and trust companies. Jim managed both IT and business-related functions at an executive level for over 20 years, including Global IT responsibilities/staff accountabilities in North America, Europe and the USA. 


Jim is currently involved as a volunteer, consultant and board member for several not-for-profit organizations in Canada. Jim holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Concordia University, Certificate in Systems Design from McGill University and an MBA from the Rotman School at the University of Toronto. 

Gerald Chan, BCom ‘03
Partner, Stockwoods LLP

“Rotman Commerce taught me how to think analytically. It made the world of business seem far less daunting than I feared. And it inspired me to pursue a career in law (I loved my business law course).

Gerald practices criminal, constitutional, administrative, and select civil litigation. He has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers (Canadian Lawyer). He has been counsel in over 20 cases at the Supreme Court of Canada. He has published numerous legal texts on law and technology. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, a Bencher of the Law Society of Ontario, a Trustee of the Law Foundation of Ontario, and an adjudicator with the Law Society Tribunal. Before practice, he clerked for Justice Rosalie Abella at the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Joanna Chan, BCom ‘15
Product Marketing Lead, Digital ID, Interac

“My first mentor (who I met through the Rotman Commerce Alumni Program) opened the doors to what marketing entailed and connected me to various marketing professions. As a mentor now, I hope to continually provide this kind of support to any student interested in marketing – to help them learn more about the different fields of marketing and to connect students to Canadian marketers so they too can explore the creative and analytical nature of the field.”

Joanna is an experienced brand marketer and product marketer. Her experience spans across tech, telecom, financial services, and the alcoholic beverage industry. Outside of the office, she is an avid runner and track & field fan. 

Haiway Chen, BCom ‘20 
Account Manager, Instacart 

“Throughout my time at Rotman Commerce, the most significant aspect was the people and community around me. Participating in student groups like the Roman Commerce Entrepreneurship Organization (RCEO) and gaining insights from upper-year students made all the difference. It wasn’t just about what I was learning inside the classroom; it was about learning from those who had already walked in my shoes. The community, particularly through student groups like RCEO, not only shaped my personal and professional growth but also made my experience at Rotman Commerce truly special.”

Haiway graduated from Rotman Commerce in June 2020, specializing in Management (Strategy and Innovation). During his time there, he was involved with the Rotman Commerce Entrepreneurship Organization since its inception in 2016, eventually serving as its Vice President from 2018-2019. After graduation, Haiway worked in Brand Management at Nestlé before pivoting into his current role as an Account Manager at Instacart on the brand partnerships team. 


Outside of work, Haiway is a big basketball fan and enjoys bouldering, traveling, and spending time with his cat, Mike. 

Jack Chen, BCom ’20
Associate, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

‘My time at Rotman Commerce can be best characterized as a time of transition: a time when I was endowed with the agency to make crucial life and career decisions. While the task was daunting, the program provided me with excellent support in making this transition. Through its diverse academic and extracurricular offerings, I was exposed to a number of career paths open to me. The strength of a Rotman Commerce degree lies in its transferability—the degree opens doors and imparts skills applicable to a broad array of futures. Through my engagement with alumni and student groups, I was encouraged to chart my own course, building on the relationships and skillsets I developed during my time at Rotman Commerce.”

Jack is a J.D. graduate of Harvard Law School. At Harvard, Jack was an executive editor of the Harvard Business Law Review, a Law and Economics Fellow, and a member of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association. In September, he began practice as an Associate in the New York office of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, working in the Corporate Department. Jack previously graduated from Rotman Commerce in 2020, specializing in management with a focus in finance. He was involved in the Rotman Commerce Students’ Association for four years, and served as its President in 2019–20. 

Joon Choi, BCom ‘25
Varsity athlete and Finance & Economics Specialist, Rotman Commerce

“Rotman Commerce has had a massive impact on both my professional and personal life. Being surrounded by such brilliant minds has kept me on my toes, always pushing myself to grow smarter and better. The competitive environment has shaped me to be resilient, ambitious and determined, ready to take on any challenge that comes my way.”

Joon Choi is a driven and entrepreneurial third-year student in the Rotman Commerce program. As the co-founder of Maple Athletes, Joon and his partner recognized the need for better support and collegiate-recruitment education within Canada’s grassroots athletic infrastructure. Through strategic utilization of social media, they quickly gained traction and left substantial impact on aspiring Canadian youth athletes, leaving nearly 800,000 impressions across our social media platforms. Along with his partner, Joon is dedicated to empowering athletes and their families while making a tangible impact on the Canadian sports community. 

Connie Choy, BCom ‘25
President, Rotman Commerce Students’ Association

“Rotman Commerce has left an indelible impact on both my personal growth and professional aspirations. Academically, the rigorous curriculum and exceptional faculty have challenged me to push my boundaries, honing my critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Beyond the classroom, the vibrant community has nurtured my leadership abilities through various student engagements, notably as President of the Rotman Commerce Students’ Association. This role has refined my organizational and communication skills and deepened my passion for advocating on behalf of student interests and fostering meaningful connections. Professionally, Rotman Commerce’s emphasis on experiential learning has exposed me to real-world challenges and opportunities, preparing me for a dynamic and competitive business landscape. Overall, the multifaceted impact of Rotman Commerce has shaped me into a more resilient, adaptable and driven individual poised to make meaningful contributions to my future endeavors.”

Connie Choy is a dedicated third-year student and an influential leader in the Rotman Commerce program. As President of the Rotman Commerce Students’ Association (RCSA), she skillfully drives initiatives that foster student engagement and growth. Her passion for academic excellence and community building sets her apart, making her an inspiration to her peers and a driving force in shaping the university experience. Connie’s responsibilities encompass representing and safeguarding the optimal interests of Rotman Commerce students through advocacy, events, programming, and as the umbrella organization’s leader overseeing all other Rotman Commerce groups.

Mia Cvetkovik, BCom ‘20 
Strategy Lead, Nasdaq

“As I reflect back on my time at Rotman Commerce, the two greatest impacts of the program that have shaped me into the person I am today, personally and professionally, are applying classroom knowledge during my internships and taking part in the study abroad program to see how the global financial economy functions. Nothing gives you better exposure to capital markets than rolling up your sleeves and dealing with real world challenges. As I sit on the other side of the line as an employer now, I make efforts to work with Rotman Commerce students to give them that robust experience, particularly as we navigate this economy of unchartered times.”

Mia Cvetkovik first started her career at Nasdaq working closely with Nasdaq’s listed companies to help revamp their strategy, investment case, capital framework, and vision, with the ultimate goal of assisting companies’ elevate their story, increase shareholder value, attract new capital, and identify risks. She has recently made a career pivot into Digital Assets helping establish Nasdaq’s first Crypto Custodian and working more closely on the strategy side of the business which she greatly enjoys. During her time at Rotman Commerce, Mia was one of the founding members of the Rotman House System and Rotman Commerce Sales Group (RCSG).

Megan Chong, BCom ’23
Founder and Designer, U of Meg

“Rotman Commerce has been an integral part in helping me start my own entrepreneurship venture, U of Meg, a sustainable e-Commerce clothing brand.

At Rotman Commerce, I gained a strong business foundation for my brand through my diverse academic courses, as well as accessing additional resources outside the classroom and built a supportive community of friends, professors, and mentors.”

In May 2020, Megan started her own eCommerce clothing brand, U of Meg, reworking authentic university merchandise. The ethos of U of Meg is around building a strong sense of community for students through one-of-a-kind, quality, university merchandise. Megan has always had a passion for fashion and coupled with her business knowledge from Rotman, she has been able to grow her venture into a profitable and viral brand. During her time at Rotman Commerce, she was a student consultant for Consult for Impact and a recipient of the U of T Student Leadership Award in 2023. Going forward, Megan hopes to combine her creativity, data background, and entrepreneurial mindset in creating value for global brands.

Michael Fan, BCom ‘14
Co-founder & CEO at Risedesk

“As a business owner who went through the Rotman Commerce program, I can confidently vouch for its excellence. The education and curriculum are top-notch, providing students with both practical skills and deep theoretical knowledge essential for thriving in the business world. The caliber of talent among Rotman Commerce students surpasses anything I encountered during my own academic journey, and I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the program’s commitment to constant improvement, continually raising the bar for success. Hiring twenty Rotman Commerce students over the past two years has been an absolute game-changer for my company, contributing significantly to our growth and success.”

Michael is the CEO and cofounder of Risedesk, Toronto’s leading ergonomic furniture startup. Risedesk is supporting the healthy transition of on-site work towards remote and hybrid through superior ergonomic furniture. He graduated from Rotman in 2014 and after school worked at Bell Canada as a senior manager in various areas such as strategy, data science, and project management.

Claudia Flis, BCom ‘23
Account Manager, Infotek Consulting

“Through its focus on innovation, interdisciplinary and experiential learning, networking opportunities, ethical leadership, and global perspective, Rotman Commerce is on the forefront of transforming tomorrow. My own experiences as a student allowed me to witness this firsthand. The classes I took and the opportunities I was involved in over the past four years allowed me to cultivate a well-rounded skillset that I can apply to changing market dynamics and across various sectors and industries. I am grateful to the impact Rotman Commerce has had on my personal and professional development, and I know that my experiences will remain with me going forward in my career.”

Claudia currently works for Infotek Consulting as an Account Manager, where she channels her passion for connecting clients with long-lasting and innovative business solutions. During her time at Rotman Commerce, Claudia was Director of Marketing for Rotman Commerce Sustainable Business, where she fostered a commitment towards prioritizing corporate sustainability and ensuring that new business developments align with a more responsible future. Going forward, Claudia seeks to apply her background in finance and marketing and passion for sustainable solutions to the next stages of her career. 

Evelyn Foo, BCom ’87
President, EFoo Consulting Inc.

“I am very involved in the Rotman community as a mentor and advocate for women, equity, diversity, and inclusion in entrepreneurship. The students’ enthusiasm and energy serve as a huge source of inspiration and keeps me motivated to create more diverse pathways in the finance and business community.

The program has provided a sound academic foundation towards my own career aspirations and invaluable recognition amongst future employers regarding the strength of its graduates.”

Evelyn is a Certified Professional Accountant with over 30 years of experience in the investment funds market. She is a “results-oriented” financial services professional with deep and broad experience in all aspects of the asset management industry. She is a director on both profit and non-profit Boards and actively volunteers at the University of Toronto and Loran Scholarship. She has been recognized for her volunteer contributions at Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto with a U of T Arbor Award.

Jordana Greenberg, BCom ‘10
Account Executive, Google Cloud

“My experience at Rotman Commerce was nothing short of transformative. In class, but even more so, beyond the class, I was able to take risks, try new things and step into the role of a future business leader. I was empowered to become a leader while still a student, to work on a team of diverse, intelligent and driven peers and to build, create, succeed and fail, all while in the supportive Rotman Commerce environment.

Creating Rotman Commerce Women in Business was one of my most significant achievements and something that has impacted my life in countless positive ways since, most notably from the skills and experiences I gained as a Founder & President and from the incredible network that it created. Each year I’m continually thrilled to see the organization’s growth and how each cohort of student executives shape the organization and build it better.”

Jordana is an Enterprise Account Executive at Google Cloud, based in Toronto. She has been with Google for over a decade, partnering with Google’s top clients on innovative solutions to drive growth for their businesses. Outside of work, she’s on the Board of Directors of Dixon Hall, a social service agency in East Toronto, where she also chairs the Fundraising Committee. She has been recognized for her volunteer contributions at Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto with a U of T Arbor Award.

Shyrose Janmohamed, BCom ’94
Chief Financial Officer,
TFS Canada’s International School

“I’m thrilled that the Rotman Commerce program continues to adapt and lead in business education today. The diversity of the program is its biggest strength – in both leadership and teaching. The program is global and that is the key to transforming tomorrow; keeping current, but still instilling the foundational aspects of education is essential in preparing students for the world. Being a volunteer with Rotman Commerce and at University College is an important part of my life and I think that students need to see all sorts of different careers and hear that not all paths are straight – and that’s ok! My career over the last 20 years has been in the NPO sector and most recently in education. I now hire co-op students from U of T – so now I do really see things full circle.”

Shyrose is a chartered accountant with more than twenty years of experience. An accomplished senior financial leader, she has led many cross-functional projects and teams, developing and implementing standards of excellence. Shyrose has served on various boards and is a lifelong volunteer for many causes, with a will to leave the world a better place. She has been recognized for her volunteer contributions at Rotman Commerce and the University of Toronto with a U of T Arbor Award.

Andrew Kavanagh, BCom ‘10
Director, Partnership Marketing, NHL

“It’s been truly rewarding to be involved with the Rotman Alumni Mentorship Program over the years. I’ve been inspired by the passion, creativity and commitment demonstrated by the Rotman Commerce undergraduate students I have had the privilege to mentor. Rotman attracts a global community and the varied perspectives and lived experiences of the mentees have been remarkable to see through my interactions with the students. There’s no doubt that the future of the Canadian and global business community is extremely bright with Rotman graduates continuing to leave their mark for generations to come.”

As a Director in the NHL’s Partnership Marketing department, Andrew Kavanagh leads the strategy, planning and execution of national NHL-related marketing campaigns for partners such as Hyundai, Rogers and Tim Hortons.  He’s been with the NHL for over 9 years and has worked on several award-winning campaigns. Prior to joining the NHL, Andrew worked at MacLaren Momentum managing Sponsorship and Events for General Motors. In addition to volunteering as a Mentor with the Rotman Alumni Mentorship Program, Andrew has also mentored students in the University of Toronto Sports & Business Club and serves on the Advisory Board for UTSB.   

Erin Kim, BCom ‘23 
Business Analyst, Deloitte 

“Rotman Commerce opened new doors for me to explore my passions, learn about relevant emerging topics, and take tactical actions to reach my goals. In each stage of my recruiting journey, there were many RC resources that allowed me to develop the respective skills needed.”

Erin is a Business Analyst within the Advertising, Marketing, and Commerce team at Deloitte Digital. Her work focuses on building meaningful brands for clients and supporting innovative marketing technology migration projects. Erin previously was a brand management intern at P&G, where she created high-level strategies for new product launches. She also was a marketing intern at RBC Ventures, where she built new social media and SEO strategies for start-ups. During her time at RC, Erin was the President of the Rotman Commerce Marketing Association and a Career Peer. She values mentorship and prioritizes valuable relationship building in all her previous and current roles. Erin hopes to continue to challenge herself and learn as she advances in her career. 

Bryn Knox, BCom ‘04
CFO, BenchSci

“Rotman Commerce has provided me with the opportunity to connect, learn and grow both professionally and personally. I would not have been able to navigate changes in my career without the invaluable advice I received from members of the Rotman community, and I have been lucky enough to extend this same assistance to other community members over the years.

I am fortunate to be part of the leadership team at a company, BenchSci, that is aiming to transform how preclinical research is performed, with the goal of bringing drugs to market faster and ultimately making a significant impact on the health of people worldwide. Rotman provided me with the academic foundation and community to position myself as a capable leader in a hypergrowth startup. BenchSci was founded at U of T and graduated from the Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman, giving me the unique opportunity to work for a company from the Rotman community that holds such ambitious aspirations to positively impact the world.”

After spending five years in marketing at Walt Disney Studios Canada, Bryn transitioned to finance-focused roles supporting entrepreneurial ventures, eventually obtaining the CPA and CMA designations and taking on progressively senior roles at leading software companies in Toronto, first with Wave and for the last five years leading finance at BenchSci through significant growth. Bryn has volunteered within the Rotman Commerce community, spending several years as an alumni steering committee member, supporting and attending many student and alumni events, mentoring students, and co-emceeing Reunite at Rotman. He has received a University of Toronto Arbor Award in recognition of his commitment and service.

Nick Pantaleo, BCom ‘80
Currently retired; former SVP Corporate Finance at Rogers Communications and former Partner, Tax at PwC

“Rotman Commerce provided me with a solid foundation and network to pursue a career as a Professional Chartered Accountant. As it did with me, I believe that Rotman Commerce will help prepare students to pursue a business career in an ESG environment.

I currently serve as a mentor in the Rotman Mentorship Program and do guest lecturing at the University of Waterloo Faculty of Accounting & Finance where I generally speak about corporate governance and ethics helping to prepare students planning careers in accounting and taxation.”

Nick is a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant who joined PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1980. He became a partner in 1991 and was a nationally recognized tax specialist. He joined Rogers Communications in 2013 as SVP, Corporate Finance before retiring in 2018.

Nick is currently a Senior Fellow of the C.D. Howe Institute and a member of the Institute’s Fiscal and Tax Competitiveness Council. He is a member of the College of Electors, University of Toronto and a mentor in the Rotman Mentorship Program. He is also a member of CPA Ontario’s Professional Conduct Committee.

Filip Pejic, BCom ‘17
Co-Founder, Pearly & Society Socks

“Rotman Commerce is where I found my business partner, with whom I launched multiple businesses during and after graduation. I also had the opportunity to build relationships with world-class professors and students from across the world. I learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom and get inspired every time I get the chance to visit campus!

As technology continues to evolve society, understanding the fundamentals of business is more important than ever. I’m confident Rotman Commerce will continue to provide students with a strong balance of academic knowledge and practical experience to not only prepare them for the real world but enable them to continually innovate and help positively shape our future.”

Filip Pejic is a co-founder of two e-commerce businesses, Pearly and Society Socks (one of which he founded while in the 2nd year of his studies). After graduating from Rotman Commerce, he joined Procter & Gamble as an Account Executive, contributing to the growth of iconic CPG brands at major Canadian retailers. Today, he focuses on building his e-commerce brands while actively giving back to the entrepreneurship community at the University of Toronto. Filip supports the Rotman Commerce Entrepreneurship Organization, as well as other professors and student groups on campus.

Diana Potapenko, BCom ‘07
Co-Founder and Director, The Giving Tree Centre Ltd.

“The program has taught me how to be resourceful with my research, time and collaborations – a skill that is essential to succeeding in today’s ever-changing world, and which I’ve carried over into both my personal and professional life. Equally important are the life-long friendships I’ve cultivated with my peers at Rotman Commerce – they have become family in many ways.”

Diana spent over a decade with Macquarie Group in Toronto, London and New York as Vice President in leadership roles across portfolio and risk management, asset acquisitions and business integrations. She then joined the European family business in laser technologies to sharpen her entrepreneurial skills and in 2020, in response to the adverse impact of the COVID pandemic on children’s psychological wellbeing, co-founded The Giving Tree Centre, a Toronto-based mental health clinic for children and families specializing in therapy, assessments, speech pathology and parent coaching. She currently lives with her husband and children in Toronto and looks forward to the next adventure! 

Jasnoor Singh Johal, BCom ’24
Current Rotman Commerce Student

“In my three years so far at Rotman Commerce, I’ve been able to participate in many different programs – one of which is Consult for Impact, which has allowed me to develop transferable skills and meet new people within the Rotman community. I was also fortunate enough to take part in the Rotman Alumni Mentorship Program, through which I was paired up with a Rotman alum who served as my mentor. These experiences at Rotman Commerce are allowing me to better myself as they are shaping my journey in finding my true self and helping me identify what I want to pursue in the rest of my life to come.”

Jasnoor Singh Johal is a current Rotman Commerce student specializing in Management. As someone born and raised in Toronto and coming from a family that works in the business field, he had his mind set on pursuing the Rotman Commerce program. Over the last three years of his degree, Jas has not only been able to gain knowledge of each industry within the business world, but he has also been able to develop his values as a person.

Hannah Smith, BCom ‘20
Rotational Leadership Development Program, Sun Life 

“Rotman Commerce offered me a challenging, yet ultimately fulfilling undergraduate experience. I noticed a remarkable amount of professional growth during my years in the program, most notably as a leader through my time as President of the Rotman Commerce Women in Business (RCWIB) student group. Upon my 2020 convocation, I not only departed with some of my life’s most meaningful connections with faculty and peers, but also with a personal sense of profound resiliency that I will carry with me throughout my career and life.”

Hannah joined Sun Life’s Rotational Leadership Development Program (RLDP) in 2020. At Sun Life, she’s delivered high impact work to three diverse teams: Corporate Finance, Group Business Development, and the Retail Advice & Solutions’ Strategy & Enablement team. She’s passionate about making a meaningful impact on clients’ lives through her work.

Hannah graduated from Rotman Commerce in 2020 receiving the Director’s Award for Leadership at convocation for her dedication over three years to the Rotman Commerce Women in Business (RCWIB) student group. On her days off, you can find her preparing for her next challenge: a 70.3 Ironman. 

Stephanie Staibano, BCom ‘25 
Co-President, Rotman Commerce Real Estate Association 

“As a Rotman Commerce student, I have been at the forefront of transforming tomorrow through various leadership roles and active involvement. Serving as the President of the Rotman Commerce Real Estate Association, I have organized impactful events that enrich the experiences of the broader student community. Additionally, as a Teaching Assistant and a Registered Study Group Leader, I support my peers in their academic journeys and foster collaborative learning environments. Through a combination of leadership, academic support, and serving as a positive influence, I aim to continue actively shaping the experiences of my fellow students and leave a lasting impact on the Rotman Commerce community.” 

Stephanie Staibanoa third year Rotman Commerce student specializing in Finance & Economics and majoring in Economicsaims to be a positive role model within the Rotman Commerce community. Actively shaping her academic journey, Stephanie leads as the President of the Rotman Commerce Real Estate Association and a Project Lead at the University of Toronto’s Global Research and Consulting Group. Her commitment to supporting peers as a Teaching Assistant and Registered Study Group Leader reflects not only her dedication to academic excellence but also her values of integrity and perseverance. Beyond studies, Stephanie enjoys cooking, pilates, playing the piano, and fluently speaking five languages, showcasing her multifaceted approach to personal and academic growth at Rotman Commerce. 

Boris Tsimerinov, BCom ‘04
Founder & CEO, Semper8

“Rotman Commerce was seminal in my Canadian journey as I joined part way through my university studies after overcoming several obstacles to arrive to this country and to continue my studies. UofT and RC is where I intently improved my English and took in the knowledge from the classes in Finance, Quantitative Economics, Math and others; made likeminded thoughtful, ambitious and caring life-long friends while leading and supporting student organizations and conferences; and received fantastic encouragement and support by way of scholarships and awards. RC helped me develop both the academic and practical knowledge to launch me into my first Canadian part-time job and then into my career alongside completing my program!”

Boris Tsimerinov leads Semper8 Capital, an investment and consulting group conducting family office private equity & VC investments, private asset portfolio oversight, mergers & acquisitions, and restructurings; works on building healthcare and biotech start-ups at Semper8 Health; and, has launched Semper8 Media, with a library of 80+ film/series projects: original and partnered. Various digital platforms are also being developed.  Boris is a graduate of Rotman Commerce; a CFA Charterholder; an alumnus of Harvard Business School; and, attained a master of laws from the University of Toronto. He often speaks and lectures at universities and conferences around the world; publicly dialogues with global thought-leaders on a variety of timely subjects; judges international professional competitions; and, contributes to academic and business publications. 

Annie Wang, BCom ‘21 
Investment Specialist, Meridian Credit Union 

“The future impact of Rotman Commerce lies both in their education and their alumni. I benefited from taking courses on relevant topics such as ESG and algorithmic trading that went into more depth than the core curriculum, as Rotman Commerce continues to teach advanced material with innovative methods of learning. The merits of the Rotman Commerce program are well reflected in the alumni network that has been built by a community of inspirational leaders and supportive mentors.”

Annie graduated from Rotman Commerce with a focus in Finance and Marketing and Economics minor. During undergrad, she was one of the founding members of the Rotman Commerce Fashion Group, spending her final year as Vice President. After graduation, Annie worked as a marketing specialist before transitioning into finance as a financial advisor at a bank and then an investment associate at a wealth brokerage. She currently works at Meridian on the wealth management team as an investment specialist. Annie has received her Certificate in Advanced Financial Advice, the Responsible Investing Specialist designation, and she is currently working towards her financial planning designation.